Andy Ahern, the name behind Ahern and Associates, is one of the most highly publicized personalities in the transportation and trucking business. Just a couple of months ago, news broke out about his plans to publish and circulate a book entitled “How to Sell a Trucking/ Logistics Company—The Art of the Deal.” Through this book, he intends to educate trucking business owners and proprietors on how to make good deals in selling trucking and logistics companies. The mergers or acquisitions of trucking or logistics companies are one of the most common expansion strategies companies involved in the business employ nowadays. Through the book, Ahern aims to provide good insights on how companies can seek growth opportunities through good deals.
Year 2011 has been quite a good year for Andy Ahern. Quite a good number of companies have sought the services of Ahern and Associates, a company that he himself founded in 1987. Trucking business proprietors sought opportunities for expansion last year, with trucking and logistics acquisitions and mergers among their top strategies. To facilitate their growth, the company of Ahern have worked with owners of businesses in the trucking industry and allowed them to know the real value of their business as a way to prepare them for their sale.
None in the transportation and trucking business could probably ever match the track record of Andy Ahern. He is widely considered an expert in the field because of his extensive background in the trucking and transportation business, which can be substantiated by the more than 325 transportation acquisitions he had personally completed in the past. On top of this, he had already completed over 250 business plans for hundreds of trucking companies in and around North America. Because of his achievements in the trucking business, he has been publicized by many reputable magazines and publications such as Reuters, The Memphis Business Journal, and the American Executive. Today, his credibility as the chief executive officer of the Ahern and Associates, Ltd. is truly beyond doubt.
As one of the most recognized personalities in the trucking and logistics business, Andy Ahern has been acknowledged as North America’s authority when it comes to trucking and logistics mergers and acquisitions. Through his years of engagement in the business, he has published several books he wrote himself, and has been an advisor to several trucking and transportation businesses. Through his capabilities, he has successfully managed to run Ahern and Associates for more than two decades now.

Andy Ahern was the author of “The Insurance Crisis: Fact of Fiction.” The book was primarily about the business of trucking and transportation and was the first book he has ever published. It was because of this book that Ahern was able to establish his credibility as North America’s top personality in the transportation and trucking business. Several trucking business owners were able to gain insights on topics pertaining to transportation insurance through the book, and it paved the way for the growth and popularity of Ahern in the trucking industry. Since the release of the book, he was able to catch the interest of many trucking company proprietors.
Andy Ahern is also considered as one of the most well read authors of his time. The books that he writes always involve several insights on how companies can survive the tough competition in the trucking business. The books that he wrote in the past were all best sellers and were able to gain recognitions from the press because of their values. Writing books has also been one of Ahern’s ways to reach out to the masses. Since his establishment of the Ahern and Associates trucking consulting firm, he has taken full advantage of the available technologies in achieving a more extensive scope for the books and other press materials that he issues in the market. For 20 years, he has completed over 100 podcasts and newsletters, entitled “Ahern Advisory”. Through these advisories, owners of trucking businesses were able to know the latest issues in the trucking industry.
Andy Ahern has been making use of the media to provide the masses and the trucking companies’ proprietors with intellectual wisdom about the multitude of factors affecting their trucking and transportation businesses, including their relationship with their workers. He has gained over 300,000 subscribers around the world because of his rationality in providing such insights, which had greatly helped people to be acquainted with the trucking and logistics industry.
The upcoming book of Andy Ahern, “How to Sell a Trucking or Logistics Company,” is considered as the latest must-have of trucking business owners. The book will especially involve insights on how buyers and sellers can be brought together throughout the entire trucking and logistics acquisition or merger process. This book is expected to become another milestone of Ahern, on top of the success of Ahern Advisory podcasts and newsletters, which have both been standing on top for a period of two decades now.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Mattress

It charges a lot of money, it will change the way you doze (and reside) and it arrives in hundreds of models and brands. No wonder selecting the best mattress noise like mission impossible. Water, inward jump, air, latex, plumage, organic, magnetic recollection foam mattresses – they all gaze and sound very good in the display rooms. But which of them is the best for you?

What you need right now is a register with the most significant criteria in assessing your candidates. These are the peak 5 doze tips you must consider when comparing two or some mattresses that you put in your wish list.

Because solace is a very personal thing, the only way to find the most snug mattress is to doze on it. No issue what your medical practitioner, friends or neighbors tell you, a mattress can improve doze value only if YOU will feel comfortable dozing on it. Often, deciding whether you like the feeling of a mattress or not, a show room test is not sufficient. Ask for a mattress home test the of 5 nights or more. A recollection foam mattress may need up to 6 weeks to completely get utilised to sleeping on it. numerous memory foam manufacturers give home-trials of 3 months.

Support is very significant particularly if you bear from neck, junction, hip or back agony. Proper support means even weight circulation, right spinal alignment and general physical comfort during sleep. A very supple mattress, for demonstration, will never offer enough support, because your body will go under right through. The best support on the market is suggested now by memory foam thanks to their firm, supportive centre and its body contouring adeptness. Latex and air mattresses furthermore have some of the best support on the market.